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How does it work?

Aquablitz Combi is ergonomically designed and built as a hydraulic couch so the height is adjustable for therapist comfort.

Aquablitz Combi can also be used for wet or dry treatments and consists of 8 easy to use and comfortable pulsating and roll action equipment heads for face and body contouring. These heads allow the powerful absorption of hydrating minerals and suction of essential oxygen to affected areas, thus resculpting and toning.


Aquablitz action head


Aquablitz range of heads

Palpate and Roll Devises

For the body…

Stimulating Action Head: This head is used to commence the break down of fatty
cells using natural oxygen suction to stimulate the problem areas. The suction technique draws blood and oxygen to the area, thus breaking down fats.

Circulatory Action Head: This stage of the treatment is used to re-oxygenate tissues and increase the blood flow to the area. Warm mineralised water is massaged into the skin, the heat of
which improves the circulation of blood, promoting the flow of body essential oxygen and nutrients. The presence of mineral water during this stage allows deep hydration thus improving the texture and colour of the skin. The gentle flow of water allows the easy movement of the head over the body, increasing the comfort and effectiveness of this vital stage.

Draining Action Head: The trapped fluids and toxins that have been loosened
in previous stages are effectively drained away in this stage. This head stimulates the
lymphatic system helping to drain away waste through the lymph nodes.

Tonifying Action Head: This final stage of the treatment retightens the loose tissues,
to resculpt the body, leaving you looking toned, revived and confidently cleansed.

For the face…

A range of sophisticated heads for facial contouring, anti-ageing solutions and facial lymph drainage. Aquablitz Combi can be used as an additional stage to enhance the benefits of a traditional facial.

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