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What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the natural build up of fatty deposits under the skin that presents itself as a result of a poor circulation, water retention or an unhealthy lifestyle. These fats can be difficult to break down and therefore keep building up if the blood transport and waste removal systems of the body are not working effectively. Cellulite affects 85% of adult women, and often leaves the skin looking dimpled, discoloured and cold to the touch, as the infiltrated and stagnant water under the skin reduces the temperature and swells the skin.
The result of cellulite is therefore a bumpy, dull and toneless complexion that can leave you lacking in confidence and overly conscious of your external appearance.

Lift the weight of self-awareness off your shoulders and find the solution with
Aquablitz Combi.

Blitz away cellulite and experience the sculpting power of nature.


Aquablitz Table

Water based therapies in the modern spa environment

Precious natural waters have been renowned for centuries for having deeply relaxing, reviving and beautifying properties for the human body and mind. We are all aware of how at peace we can feel in water, be it swimming in the crystal clear ocean, or immersed within a refreshing bath. Mysteriously, we are never quite sure of why we have such a feeling of well-being – we just know instinctively that we are being naturally revived.

Aquablitz Combi has a revolutionary design that uses wet palpate and roll massage with mineral water to allow a deeper, faster and more effective removal of cellulite.

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