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Massage techniques from around the world.
Pampering rituals from the Orient.
Spa ‘journeys’.

Spa Find treatments and products utilise mud, salt and spa blends from mother earth to give you harmony, beauty and health during your spa visit and continually in your own home. Spa Find have developed a distinctive range of Spa Treatment Journeys utilising therapy techniques from around the world, bringing together the ancient therapeutic powers of Dead Sea Waters with intensely pampering massage rituals from the Orient.

Mineral Stones


Spa Find Comfort Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

The journey combines a luxury full body exfoliation, welcome massage around the neck and shoulders and Comfort massage using the elbows and forearms, to leave muscles relaxed, skin silky soft and the body and mind balanced.

Spa Find Tranquility Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage

Tranquility utilises the Japanese art of shiatsu, Swedish massage techniques and sports massage to leave muscles relaxed and skin supple and toned. The journey combines an invigorating body exfoliation and deep-tissue massage.

Spa Find Peace Hot Stones Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using Hawaiian hot stones to release any tension from the body and leave the mind at peace. The journey begins with a warm foot compress followed by the luxury Spa Find Peace hot stones massage.

Spa Find Heaven Hot Poultice Massage

Spa Find Heaven massage is based on ancient Thai and Egyptian techniques using hot mud or salt poultices to ease muscle tension and deeply relax the body and mind.

Spa Find Clarity Indian Head Massage

Spa Find Clarity massage is based on ancient Indian Head Massage techniques. A head, neck, shoulder, arm and facial massage is performed to improve concentration, promote hair growth and induce pure relaxation.

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