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problem or acne skin

Spa Find Perfect Purity products fight naturally against problem, acne skin with their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory blends. Perfect Purity products heal existing blemishes, regulate facial oils, and promote a matt, clear complexion and
a confident you. Blending Harmonised Water™
with a high percentage of essential body healing ingredients such as antibacterial Sulphur,
anti-inflammatory Allantoin, and deeply soothing Chamomile.

“You cannot perceive beauty
but with a serene mind.”

Spot Treatment


spa find perfect purity range

Dermabalance Control Spray

This antibacterial toning spray gives acne skin a thoroughly clean and refreshed feeling.
The naturally antiseptic Witch Hazel, calming Aloe Vera, Chamomile and mineral-rich
Dead Sea water help to soothe, calm and reduce the risk of infection, leaving skin wonderfully
fresh and purified. Click here for more info.

Dermabalance Mattify Moisturiser

This mattifying moisturiser acts as the perfect weapon against shine, blemishes and surface bacteria. It regulates sebaceous secretions whilst healing and nourishing skin. Blending naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory Dead Sea Minerals with hydrating Hygroplex. Click here for more info.

Anti-Spot Clearing Spray

These natural intensive treatment extracts are sterile and specifically formulated to control breakouts, and for use during seasonal, climate or hormonal changes. They contain a sheer solution of Dead Sea Minerals that possess precious anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and allantoin to wonderfully soothe, heal and regenerate. Click here for more info.

Dermabalance Spot Treatment

A miracle solution to combat angry spots. The powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Sulphur, Camphor and Menthol Oil are blended with Dead Sea Minerals and soothing Chamomile to stop spots in their tracks and reveal healthy, clear skin. Click here for more info.