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EYE & Neck mask


Mineral-Age NanoPlex is a revolutionary
anti-ageing complex of Zinc, Copper and
Magnesium. This multi-mineral blend actively
fights free radicals and leaves skin rejuvenated
and youthful.

This product is for weekly use, to be used once or twice a week. It’s a toning and tightening product. The second step in your routine.

A cooling gel mask with a triple action formula to provide the delicate and sensitive area around the eyes with essential moisture, deep relaxation and powerful rejuvenation. This is the perfect mask to complete your eye care regime, leaving you looking and feeling youthfully enhanced. Contains sage and rosemary to stimulate, decongest and tighten the skin.


Directions for use

To deeply hydrate, cool and reduce lines and wrinkles. Gently smooth the Eye & Neck Mask on eye lids, brow bone and under the eyes. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and remove with a damp cotton pad. Use twice a week as part of your eye treatment regime.

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Exquisite Eyes Treatment Regime

Each morning apply Find... Exquisite Eyes Eye Gel lightly around the eye area. This will tighten and refresh the skin and eliminate puffiness, as well as providing a base for eye make-up.

If the skin is very dry or dehydrated, the wonderfully hydrating Find... Exquisite Eyes Eye and Neck Rejuvenator can be applied as an alternative to Eye Gel. In the evening, remove make-up and cleanse the eye area thoroughly with the delicate Eye Cleanser, then use the Eye and Neck Rejuvenator to soothe tired, strained eyes.

For extra pampering, use the luxurious Find... Exquisite Eyes Eye & Neck Mask after cleansing and before applying the Eye and Neck Rejuvenator to leave your skin looking and feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

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