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This product is for daily use, to be used morning, evening or both. It’s a moisturising and firming product. The third step in your routine.

This nourishing moisturiser deeply hydrates the skin, helping to reduce fluid retention and firm the body contours. Combining Iso-Slim Complex, a powerful blend of Caffeine, Carnitine, Spirulina and Soy Isoflavones, with Hyaluronic Acid, known as ‘the key to the fountain of youth’, Horsetail, Ginseng, Wheatgerm Oil and Dead Sea Minerals which help reduce cellulite, smooth and firm the body contours.


Directions for use

Massage Inchwrap Firming Moisturiser into the body using upward or circular strokes towards the heart, concentrating on spongy, cellulite or fluid-prone areas. For maximum results use after Inchwrap Firming Gel.

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Sculpted Silhouette Treatment Regime

Begin your spa body experience with the Sculpted Silhouette Inchwrap Gel Exfoliant. Apply Gel Exfoliant to dry skin using deep circular movements – this stimulates the circulation, removes dead skin cells and nourishes the skin. Focus on areas of concern.

Rinse off any sand granules in the bath or shower. Dry the skin thoroughly after bathing.

Massage Inchwrap Firming Gel over the entire body using deep circular movements, focusing on areas of concern. Feel the skin immediately tighten and firm as the gel dries. Apply Bust Firming Gel to the bust and décolleté.

Follow the Inchwrap Firming Gel with the amazing Inchwrap Super Cellulite Cream. Apply Super Cellulite Cream to localised areas of stubborn cellulite using deep circular movements, until the cream disappears.

To finish the Sculpted Silhouette Treatment Regime apply Inchwrap Firming Moisturiser to the entire body to tone and firm the body contours. As an intensive treatment for problem areas, use Inchwrap Body Extracts before Super Cellulite Cream.

Spa Find recommends that you use the Sculpted Silhouette Inchwrap Firming Gel, Bust Firming Gel, Firming Moisturiser and Super Cellulite Cream daily. For optimum results use Inchwrap Gel Exfoliant once or twice weekly and Inchwrap Body Extracts as an intensive treatment.

Your skin will feel firmer and softer after one week. Dimpled cellulite areas will show a noticeable improvement and appear smoother after four weeks.

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